EFT Dongle Update v1.3.2

EFT Dongle Update v1.3.2 is released:
- [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to write Combo Modem to Samsung Galaxy (G97**) devices (files will be uploaded to the server soon)
- [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to remove Samsung Warning Logo during boot after Rooting Devices that working with Android 9
- Updated Samsung Flashing process
- Improved Rooting process for Samsung Device that Released with Android 9
- Fixed Error happened during Root Samsung [A***G] devices
- Fixed bugs

EFT Dongle Update v1.3 is released:
- Improved Download files from server
- Decreased EXE size (about 2Mb)
- [FIRST IN THE WORLD] [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to Downgrade modem by Writing Combination Modem on devices that don't allow flash it To Fix all Repair IMEIs errors on all not supported securities
Supported Models:
SM-A105F U1
SM-A105F U2
SM-A105F U3
SM-A105FN U1
SM-A105FN U2
SM-A105G U1
SM-A105G U2
SM-A105G U3
SM-A105M U1
SM-A105M U2
SM-A105M U3
SM-A202F U1
SM-A202F U2
SM-A205F U1
SM-A205F U2
SM-A205FN U1
SM-A205FN U2
SM-A205G U1
SM-A205G U2
SM-A205GN U1
SM-A205GN U2
SM-A205YN U1
SM-A205YN U2
SM-A305F U1
SM-A305F U2
SM-A305FN U1
SM-A305FN U2
SM-A305G U1
SM-A305G U2
SM-A305GN U1
SM-A305GN U2
SM-A405FM U1
SM-A405FM U2
SM-A405FN U1
SM-A405FN U2
SM-A505F U1
SM-A505F U2
SM-A505FM U1
SM-A505FM U2
SM-A505FN U1
SM-A505FN U2
SM-A505G U1
SM-A505G U2
SM-A505GN U1
SM-A505GN U2

- [EXCLUSIVE] Added support to flash ENG EFS to Fix all EFS errors (Failed to mount EFS | Remove payjoy | Rent a center) for more than 250 models
Supported Models:
SM-A105G U2
SM-A105GN U2
SM-A305F U1
SM-A305FN U1
SM-A305X U1
SM-A505F U1
SM-A505F U2
SM-A505FM U1
SM-A505FM U2
SM-A505FN U1
SM-A505FN U2
SM-A505X U1
SM-A505X U2
SM-A505G U1
SM-A505GN U1
SM-A520F U4
SM-A520FD U4
SM-A520X U4
SM-A520L U2
SM-A520S U2
SM-A520K U2
SM-A530F U2
SM-A530F U4
SM-A530F U5
SM-A530F U6
SM-A530FD U2
SM-A530FD U4
SM-A530FD U5
SM-A530FD U6
SM-A530X U2
SM-A530X U4
SM-A530X U5
SM-A530X U6
SM-A530N U1
SM-A530N U2
SM-A600F U3
SM-A600FN U3
SM-A600FD U3
SM-A600X U3
SM-A600G U1
SM-A600G U2
SM-A600G U4
SM-A600GN U1
SM-A600GN U2
SM-A600GN U4
SM-A600P U3
SM-A605F U3
SM-A605FD U3
SM-A605FN U3
SM-A605X U3
SM-A605G U1
SM-A605G U2
SM-A605GN U1
SM-A605GN U2
SM-A705F U2
SM-A720S U1
SM-A720L U1
SM-A720K U1
SM-A730F U2
SM-A730F U4
SM-A730F U5
SM-A730FD U2
SM-A730FD U4
SM-A730FD U5
SM-A730X U2
SM-A730X U4
SM-A730X U5
SM-A750F U1
SM-A750FN U1
SM-A750X U1
SM-A750G U2
SM-A750GN U2
SM-A910F U1
SM-A910X U1
SM-A920F U1
SM-A920X U1
SM-C710F U1
SM-C710X U1
SM-G530T U1
SM-G530T1 U1
SM-G532G U1
SM-G610F U1
SM-G610X U1
SM-G885F U1
SM-G885X U1
SM-G930F U2
SM-G930F U5
SM-G930X U2
SM-G930X U5
SM-G930A U9
SM-G930V U9
SM-G930T U9
SM-G930T1 U9
SM-G930U U9
SM-G930P U9
SM-G930AZ U9
SM-G935A U9
SM-G935F U5
SM-G935X U5
SM-G935V U9
SM-G935T U9
SM-G935T1 U9
SM-G935U U9
SM-G935P U9
SM-G935AZ U9
SM-G950F U3
SM-G950FD U3
SM-G950X U3
SM-G950F U4
SM-G950F U1
SM-G950FD U4
SM-G950FD U1
SM-G950X U4
SM-G950X U1
SM-G950N U1
SM-G950N U3
SM-G950U U5
SM-G950U1 U5
SM-G950W U5
SM-G955F U3
SM-G955FD U3
SM-G955X U3
SM-G955F U4
SM-G955FD U4
SM-G955X U4
SM-G955U U5
SM-G955U1 U5
SM-G955W U5
SM-G960F U5
SM-G960F U4
SM-G960F U2
SM-G960F U1
SM-G960X U5
SM-G960X U4
SM-G960X U2
SM-G960X U1
SM-G960U U4
SM-G960U U5
SM-G960U1 U4
SM-G960U1 U5
SM-G960W U4
SM-G960W U5
SM-G960N U1
SM-G965F U2
SM-G965F U4
SM-G965F U5
SM-G965X U2
SM-G965X U4
SM-G965X U5
SM-G965U U4
SM-G965U1 U4
SM-G965W U4
SM-G965N U1
SM-G9650 U3
SM-G970F U1
SM-G970F U2
SM-G970X U1
SM-G970X U2
SM-G970U U1
SM-G970U U2
SM-G970U1 U1
SM-G970U1 U2
SM-G970W U1
SM-G970W U2
SM-G970N U1
SM-G973F U1
SM-G973F U2
SM-G973X U1
SM-G973X U2
SM-G973U U1
SM-G973U U2
SM-G973U1 U1
SM-G973U1 U2
SM-G973W U1
SM-G973W U2
SM-G973N U1
SM-G973N U2
SM-G975F U1
SM-G975F U2
SM-G975X U1
SM-G975X U2
SM-G975U U1
SM-G975U U2
SM-G975U1 U1
SM-G975U1 U2
SM-G975W U1
SM-G975W U2
SM-G975N U1
SM-G977N U1
SM-J260M U3
SM-J337A U5
SM-J337A U6
SM-J337AZ U5
SM-J337AZ U6
SM-J337T U4
SM-J337T1 U4
SM-J400F U1
SM-J400F U3
SM-J400X U1
SM-J400X U3
SM-J415F U2
SM-J415F U1
SM-J415FN U2
SM-J415FN U1
SM-J415X U2
SM-J415X U1
SM-J600F U4
SM-J600FN U4
SM-J600G U1
SM-J600GN U3
SM-J600G U1
SM-J600GN U3
SM-J610F U1
SM-J610FN U1
SM-J610X U1
SM-J701F U3
SM-J710F U2
SM-J710FN U2
SM-J710X U2
SM-J720F U4
SM-J720X U4
SM-J730F U2
SM-J730X U2
SM-J737A U3
SM-J737A U4
SM-J737AZ U3
SM-J737AZ U4
SM-J737T U4
SM-J737T U5
SM-J737T1 U4
SM-J737T1 U5
SM-J737U U3
SM-J810G U1
SM-J810GN U1
SM-J810Y U1
SM-J810M U1
SM-M205G U1
SM-M205GN U1
SM-N915K U2
SM-N916K U2
SM-N935F U4
SM-N950F U1
SM-N950F U3
SM-N950F U4
SM-N950F U5
SM-N950F U6
SM-N950X U1
SM-N950X U3
SM-N950X U4
SM-N950X U5
SM-N950X U6
SM-N950N U3
SM-N950N U4
SM-N960F U1
SM-N960X U1
SM-N960U U1
SM-N960U1 U1
SM-N960W U1
SM-N9600 U1
EFT Dongle Update v1.2.1 is released:
  • Fixed bugs

Abu Jarrah


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