Chimera New Update August 2020

Chimera, New Update ,August 2020

10 August 2020 - 25.66.0849 version

#32 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements 
New features and improvements: 
LG: added new Repair MEID procedure for MTK models 
LG: improved lock check (if not only simlock is available) 
Huawei: improved backend processes 
Huawei: smart function display/hide based on phone mode and security state 
Oppo: now different XML formats handled in firmware files 
LG: fixed Sprint device recognition for MTK models 
Huawei: fixed flash management for Kirin 710 with EMMC 
Huawei: improvements in Remove FRP and Huawei ID Reset functions 
Chimera: no more date localisations in logs 
31 July 2020 - 25.61.1236 version

Fixes and Improvements 
Huawei fixes and improvements 
Kirin 710 bugfix: new procedures are available now 
Kirin 820/985 bugfix: Cert Write / Cert Read and IMEI Recovery procedures are available again 
Fixed various UI issues and incorrectly enabled procedure buttons 
Samsung: Carrier Relock Reloaded 
Our Carrier Relock procedure is updated to support US models (TMB/TMK/VZW) with 01/06/2020 Android or newer security patch.
Affected models: 
Galaxy A10e (A102U, A102U1) 
Galaxy A20e (A205U, A205U1) 
Galaxy A51 (A515U, A515U1) 
30 July 2020 - 25.55.1946 version

Full Support for the Latest Huawei Kirin CPUs, All SW, No Test Point 
Our big Huawei update has finally arrived! 
Compared to other’s Fastboot methods, we developed a “Deep Method” that allows us to support the latest, and all future Kirin CPUs, all software versions and without test point – so you don’t have to disassemble phones!
It means that now we fully support HiSilicon Kirin 710/810/820/980/985/990/990 5G, all software versions including EMUI 10.1 and Magic UI 3.1 for the following functions: 
Network Factory Reset 
FRP Remove 
Huawei ID Reset 
IMEI Recovery 
Cert Read/Write 
Demo Remove 
Set Battery Serial 
We were focusing on supporting the latest phones but of course, we will keep adding support for previous-generation devices too.
23 July 2020 - 25.52.1507 version

#30 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements 
New features and improvements: 
Samsung: improved Read Codes Online support for MTK models (A315x, A415F) 
Huawei: phone detection fix in fastboot mode 
Huawei: Model and Vendor/Country Change UI bugfix 
Furious Box: Win10 issue bugfix 
Chimera: certificate/SSL bugfix 
21 July 2020 - 25.48.0723 version

Exynos Read Codes for the Latest Firmwares (TFx, TGx) 
Added Read Codes for the latest firmwares of Exynos models (TFx, TGx) with the 01/06/2020 or newer Android security patch. First in the World! 
Click here for the list of affected models



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